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So, I first heard about this challenge back in 2021 through Tea and Cake for the Soul. But the host is 746books, and it begins on 1st June and runs till 1st September. Follow #20booksofsummer23, #15booksofsummer23, ot #10booksofsummer23 to see what everyone else is reading.

I first tried taking part in this challenge when I heard about it in 2021. However, life had other ideas, and I just never managed to get through any of the books. Since then, life has seen me being registered as sight impaired and, more recently, severely sight impaired (legally blind). I’ve found in that time that I can no longer read physical books and instead read ebooks, which I can enlarge the text size in order to read. I’m also hoping to be able to read some books rather than just listening to audio books, which is what I’ve mainly done since December ’22.

This summer, I feel like I need to go back to what I used to read a lot of and what are comfortable reads for me. So here is my list for this year:

  • The Summer That Changed Us by Cathy Bramley
  • Wedding Bells in Merriment Bay by Emily Harvale
  • Sun, Sea & Strawberry Shortcake by Rosie Green
  • Chasing Dreams at Hedgehog Hollow by Jessica Redland
  • Dirty Little Midlife Disaster by Lilian Monroe
  • The Cornish Cream Yea Holiday by Cressida McLaughlin
  • Escape to Honeysuckle Hall by Rebecca Raisin
  • A Year At Castle Court by Holly Hepburn
  • Love Heart Lane by Christie Barlow
  • A Postcard from Italy by Alex Brown

This is my preliminary list, and books on it could change at any time. I do love light-hearted reads at the moment, but depending on what I can get on my library app and Kindle app means I may end up reading other books instead. As we all know, there are always new books being released by authors, and two I follow are due to release new books during the summer. I may not be able to resist some new releases. Also, a lot of these books are from series that I’m already reading, so I could end up carrying on with the next in the series or taking a little break from the series and reading a different book.

All the books that I do read shall receive a full personal and honest review. I also will not include any audio book reviews that I have listened to during this time. For me, this challenge is a way for me to get back to reading books and enjoying getting lost in another world while I still can without relying on audiobooks.


2 responses to “10 Books of Summer ’23”

  1. Thanks so much for taking part again! I do hope this summer challenge gets you back into the swing of reading. Good luck X


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